This looks awesome! Can’t wait for Adobe to find a way to jam it inside of CS6! A while ago there was a video on a 3D stabilization algorithm going around the webs, that little doozy turn out to be warp stabilizer in Adobes AE CS5, so i do have my fingers crossed.

One of the best short films I have seen in a while. Awesome cinematography, great visuals, good story too! Based on Ben Templesmith’s comic! 

Canon C300: My thoughts.

Do not want :/

     For 20k this camera should have so much more. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the specs, basically the C300 is a competitor to RED’s Scarlet X and the Sony F3 or ARRI Alexa. Now the Alexa is 88k and the C300 is about 20k (the street price when it comes out should be lower) -but Canon is touting Alexa like footage. However, from the video I have seen and my personal experiance working with RED and Alexa footage I don’t think Canon is on par with Alexa


The Canon C 300 has a 4K sensor, but only outputs 1080p max, there is no 60p at 1080p it, captures 4:2:2 footage (about time) -and while the footage looks good, I honestly don’t think an audience member can tell the difference between the c 300 and a well shot scene on a 5D. In fact I am more excited about the 5D mark III, because if they can fix the audio, moire aliasing problems, give it better resolving power, change the codec to something better and give it more options; I think DSLRs will still be the way to go for a while. After much thought I still think the best value right now is the AG AF-100 from Panasonic at 5k that camera cannot be beat. 

HIERO is a godsend

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Foundry’s latest software, you are in for a huge surprise. I have been waiting for a program like this. It makes all the sense in the world and im surprised this wasn’t released any sooner. You can now import EDLs see what shots need VFX applied to them, export those out and manage what has been done. So awesome! I so want to use this between premiere or Avid and After effects!

Canon EOS 1D X First look video:

Awesome video looking at the New Canon 1D. It looks awesome but what I really want now are some video and photo samples :D. Camera drops March 2012. BTW that follow focus looks freakin’ awesome! I needz it!

  If the video doesn’t play check out the link:

     Watch this now. Awesome little rig for DSLR shooters. I am a fan of Arri’s, Zacuto’s and Redrock micro’s solution. But Letus (once known for their 35mm adapters) is really stepping up their game. I am particularly please w/ the “man cam” rig, which looks to be the most promising and practical way of shooting on DSLRs.

     If you have been shooting DSLRs you know how hard it is to find a comfortable solution that is both cheap and useful and doesn’t hinder your movement. I am not sure of the price of these rigs yet but they sure do look promising. I was able to meet with Russel Carpenter a few weeks ago but I was not aware of this. If I do get to meet with him again I will be sure to ask him what his thoughts are on DSLR film-making in general and also on these rigs -I think it would be interesting getting his perspective.

     For now though, if you are a student film-maker or just on a very tight budget make sure to check out JAG35 rigs over at 

First post

Very first post! I have handled and posted for a couple of other blogs, and the story is always the same. Some one starts off with, Well this is my first post, I hope to put up cool and interesting things and share experiences with you all. Follow me and stay tune. Only for the blog to be abandoned for months on end. Well this blog will be different! Hopefully… not really. But I will try :)

PS: No I wont. :)

PSS: Well I’ll try :D